Rust bluing solution is used for chemical oxidation of iron-based alloy products containing no more than 3% chromium. The solution forms on the surface of the metal a strong oxide film 5-10 microns thick, which reliably protects against corrosion due to the influence of atmospheric oxygen and moisture.

It gives the most permanent of all types of bluing. The coating is not scratched by a nail, and lasts for decades, unlike alkaline blueing, and even more so "cold" blueing with means based on selenium oxide. Does not contain toxic mercury and selenium oxide!

Composition of the kit:

1. Rust bluing solution, 100 ml. It undergoes purification in several stages, does not contain sediment, therefore, during the bluing procedure, a minimum amount of plaque from reacted salts is released. This simplifies the darning procedure, allows you to reduce the consumption of steel wool, and prevents intensive dust formation during darning. Consumption - 20-35 ml per unit of long-barreled weapon, depending on the surface area.

2. Rust remover. 100 ml. This tool will easily and quickly remove rust and old bluing. The product is a bluing activator and facilitates the bluing process. However, «Rust bluing solution» is a strong agent, and therefore activation of the surface before its application is not necessary.

3. Steel wool 2.04 m. It is used for scratching - cleaning the layer of reacted reagents. Consumption - about 0.5 linear meters per one weapon unit.

4. Degreasing solution concentrate, 4 packs of 90 g. Sufficient for 4-5 liters of water. The solution can be reused, for this it must be cooled, and then poured into a hermetic vessel made of glass, polyethylene or polypropylene. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cannot be used for this purpose - it breaks down under the action of the solution after 4-6 months.

5. Detailed instructions with a description of each stage and illustrations - 1 pc.

6. Nitrile gloves, increased strength, 1 pair. Size XL.

          When designing the packaging, we tried, where possible, to use environmentally friendly materials that do not pollute the environment. For example, steel wool has a 100% sustainable packaging that can be recycled along with cardboard.

Application procedure (detailed instructions are supplied in paper form together with the product)

1. Surface preparation - grinding, polishing.

2. Defatting. First with a solvent, then by boiling in a solution of soda ash.

2.1 Washing.

3. Application of the 1st layer.

3.1 Drying of the 1st layer at room temperature.

3.2 Applying the 2nd layer.

3.3 Drying the 2nd layer.

4. Boiling in distilled water for 10-15 minutes.

5. Scratching with steel wool, or a metal brush.

6. Repeat points 3-5 about 5-7 times until you get a suitable coating. 

7. Neutralization with household soap.

8. Heating in oil at a temperature of 105-130 °C

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Rust bluing kit

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